Leading Compliance Platform Launches New Database for Tissues/Implants

SALT LAKE CITY (July 1, 2019) – Today, oneSOURCE , a leading healthcare management solution, launched its new Tissues/Implants database for use in healthcare facilities across the country. Adding to the current offerings in the biomedical, dental and surgical and equipment sectors, oneSOURCE’s expansion arms sterile processing and operating teams with an efficient way to manage manufacturer IFUs for implantable materials and devices.

“We couldn’t be more excited to tap into this new vertical,” said Jack Speer, co-founder and president of oneSOURCE. “More than 80 percent of the healthcare facilities in the U.S. subscribe to our database for manufacturers’ IFUs for surgical and equipment and we aim to accomplish that type of adoption for this new initiative. We continue to keep patient safety as our top priority and are confident that this highly-anticipated launch will enable healthcare professionals to be equipped with the most reliable and readily accessible documents they need to successfully do their job while also adhering to standards set by regulatory organizations such as The Joint Commission and AAMI.”

By including exact and most recent versions of manufacturers’ IFUs for Implantable Tissues and Devices, oneSOURCE is empowering healthcare facilities with the tools they need to stay compliant in the most efficient and accessible way possible. Based on the recommendations of database users, new features such as a customizable option, where users can create lists of frequently used IFUs, have also been added. The diverse range of implants and devices that this database will serve as a resource for includes human tissue allografts, cardiac pacemakers, stents, vascular grafts, repair meshes and slings, devices, orthopedic joints, among more.

“This implementation of a Tissues/Implants database allows oneSOURCE to provide our users with one of the most extensive platforms of IFUs in the industry,” said Heather Thomas, CMO and executive VP of sales and marketing of oneSOURCE. “With a more comprehensive database system, we are able to better support the needs of the facilities that partner with us and extend cutting-edge opportunities. With requests for everything from biological tissues to non-biological devices, we’ve built a superior e-binder that these professionals need and we’re incredibly thrilled with the outcome.”

With continued rapid growth, oneSOURCE plans to introduce a database for Facilities Maintenance in the coming weeks. F or additional details and updates regarding the Tissues/Implants database, visit onesourcedocs.com/products-solutions/ifu/. For more information on oneSOURCE, visit onesourcedocs.com.


About oneSOURCE

oneSOURCE is a leading healthcare management solution that enables facilities to stay in compliance 24/7 through its robust online platform equipped with the world’s most updated IFUs (instructions for use) and PM (preventative maintenance) Service Manuals. Since 2009 oneSOURCE has become a reliable resource for top healthcare organizations such as Mayo Clinic, Sutter Health and HCA and currently dominates the sterile processing market with more than 80 percent saturation. Approved and trusted by the Joint Commission, AAMI, CMS and AAAHC, oneSOURCE’s accurate and up-to-date databases for the surgical and equipment, biomed and dental verticals, improves patient safety and reduces healthcare-acquired infections. For additional information on oneSOURCE, visit onesourcedocs.com.


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