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IAHCSMM: Ask the Expert
Q: Manufacturer instructions for use (IFU) pose a challenge for us CS professionals. Is this an area that IAHCSMM is factoring into its training/educational tools and resources?
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3M Health Care
Infection Prevention Division
Customer Service1-800-228-3957
3M™ Sterile U - Sterilization Assurance Education Opportunities 
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 is a leading manufacturer and provider of biological and chemical indicators for sterility assurance monitoring services and products. SPSmedical offers a wide-array of products and services that enable hospitals, surgi-centers, office-based practitioners and dental offices to safely and accurately monitor and verify their sterilization practices and protocols. In addition to manufacturing these products, SPSmedical has a passion for infection prevention and works with healthcare facilities comply with best practices for the reprocessing of medical devices.

STERIS Corporation
Steris System 1
Tech Support/Customer Service
Steris 800 548-4873 Opt #4
7:00AM-7:00PM EST

Advanced Sterilization Products
Important: You will need to have your Sterrad sterilizer serial number available.
Tech Support/Customer Service/Technical Services/Customer Support/Clinical Information
888 783-7723 Opt #3, then Tech Support Opt #1
5:00AM-5:00PM PST
On-Call Support 5:00PM-5:00AM PST

Free Guidance to Help Hospitals Map out Transition to Alternative Reprocessing Methods

ECRI Institute Issues STERIS System 1 High Priority Alert and Recommendations



oneSOURCE has partnered with CIHQ as well as Instrument Tracking Software including SPM, Censitrac, Alex Gold, Haldor Technologies, and Getinge T-DOC to provide value-added services to our customers. Please remember to mention that you are a oneSOURCE customer when contacting them.
CIHQ has agreed to discount its membership to oneSOURCE customers, and a 10% discount on a prepaid yearly subscription to oneSOURCE document site is offered to CIHQ Members.

Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ)

CIHQ (Center for Improvement In Healthcare Quality) Is a multi-faceted company that is comprised of an accreditation division, a consulting division and an individual professional certification division.  CIHQ Hospital Accreditation Division is a CMS approved deeming authority providing accreditation surveys and deemed status for acute care hospitals. ARS (Accreditation Resource Services) is a member-based organization comprised of hospitals and other healthcare entities throughout the United States.ARS is our consulting division and provides comprehensive support services to member organizations regardless of their accreditation provider.Finally the HACP (Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professional) division, a national individual professional certification solely dedicated to demonstrating competency in the CMS survey and certification process.To learn more about CIHQ and how organization’s may benefit from the services provided please visit our website at


Medimizer Logo
1084 N El Camino Real, Suite B423
Encinitas, CA
MediMizer Software was founded by a biomedical service company in 1983. MediMizer is an independent biomedical and facilities software company that developed the leading CMMS or “computerized maintenance management software” used for clinical engineering, biomedical engineering, facilities, environmental departments in hospitals as well as the biomedical service organizations that service hospitals.
Our staff understand what is necessary to maintain biomedical equipment and hospital building infrastructure.  MediMizer software products include web-based work requests, cloud reporting and inspections on an iPad, Android, iPhone or tablet.  We offer easy-to-use preventive maintenance scheduling, work order processing, built-in reporting, and parts inventory. As part of a turnkey solution, MediMizer also provides advanced training, report writing, consulting, and data conversion and migration services. Our staff enjoys providing intelligent service.  We stay aware of requirements from CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services), TJC (The Joint Commission), JCI (Joint Commission International), ISO 9001 (International Standards Organization), EOC (Environment of Care) and DNV (Det Norske Veritas).  *Sometimes referred to as a CEMS or Clinical Equipment Management System.

5033 Sirona Dr.
Suite 800
Charlotte, NC 2827
888-312-HEMS (4367)
EQ2 proudly offers a robust interface to the HTM Service Document Database as an add-on to their HEMS (Hospital Equipment Management System) software. This advanced CMMS designed specifically for healthcare helps hospitals manage maintenance, maintain compliance (including for AEM), and optimize asset lifecycle management. Robust dashboards in formats that are based on the roles of VP, CFO, Director Department Manager, Technician, Clinician, etc. lead to good decision making.
HEMS is used throughout several departments within the hospital, and the HTM team in particular benefits from using the HTM Service Document Database to access complete manufacturer’s manuals as well as IFU and PM documents, PM procedures, trouble shooting, parts breakdown, end of service letters and other documentation directly from within work order and items records in HEMS.
Using the HTM Service Document Database in combination with HEMS empowers the HTM team with a complete solution for maintenance management, including for helping to maintain compliance.

28588 Northwestern Hwy.
Suite 280
Southfield, MI 48034
800 541 2467

Phoenix Data Systems proudly offers the AIMS® Software that allows users access to essential, up-to-date document retrieval quickly and easily. AIMS (Asset Information Management System) is the preferred CMMS solution among healthcare professionals throughout the world. AIMS was developed with the assistance of 30 healthcare professionals from 14 Michigan hospitals and has served multi-facility healthcare organizations and single hospitals since 1984

Case Medical, your preferred manufacturer of instrument processing products, offers the ultimate asset management software: CaseTrak360.  Developed by healthcare professionals and designed for sustainability and ease of use, CaseTrak360 goes a full 360° from decontamination to the operating room, providing traceability from the instrument set to the patient.  The system is designed to reduce costs, improve productivity, enhance communication, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes.  CaseTrak360 integrates  into our industry leading universal sealed container system, SteriTite, tracking instrument sets throughout the facility quickly and efficiently in real time.  Please visit us at to learn more.

's automated tracking for surgical instrument and equipment, improves infection control and provides the data for meaningful benchmarking, continous process improvement and root cause analysis. This is the proven path to zero adverse events, improved clinical outcomes, streamlined workflows and optimized surgical instrument tracking and management.

Haldor Advanced Technologies
 is committed to helping hospitals meet the ongoing challenge of increasing operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving patient safety by enabling hospitals to effectively track, manage, and analyze surgical instruments on an individual basis. Haldor’s leading surgical instrument visibility solution, ORLocate® empowers hospitals to significantly reduce costs associated to surgical instrument shrinkage in both the operating room and sterile processing departments, to increase staff productivity by eliminating manual counting procedures, and to improve patient safety by managing infection control and the prevention of retained surgical items with accurate instrument level data. Headquartered in Hod Hasharon, Israel, Haldor has offices in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. For more information, please visit


 is developed to handle all aspects of your instrument management. By providing you with a real-time overview of your instruments and related supplies, T-DOC allows you to optimize investments and ensure an overall high quality level of hospital operations. We offer a highly scalable system adaptable to your future growth and well suited for any size institution - from small clinics to large multi-site hospitals.T-DOC is a modular, PC-based system that provides comprehensive instrument traceability as well as process quality assurance through real-time logging of washer-disinfector and sterilizer cycle parameters. For more information, visit their website, or call 800-475-9040.

 is a software suite designed for the proactive management of hospital surgical instrument and equipment reprocessing areas.
With more than 20 years of experience in instrument tracking, the V. Mueller® brand IMPRESS system is the name you can trust in the sterile processing department (SPD) and operating room (OR).  The IMPRESS offering includes scalable, real-time and integrated instrument management solutions with varying levels of functionality to meet your unique needs.  Using these solutions, you can manage your inventory, people and processes to help improve patient care.  The overall IMPRESS solution includes a dynamic system as well as extensive resources that provide continuous support.  To learn more about IMPRESS solutions that address your needs, request a workflow/process assessment today.  Contact your V. Mueller sales representative, call Customer Service at 800.323.9088 or visit

Microsystems provides comprehensive sterile processing information systems designed specifically for healthcare facilities. Microsystems offers a unique combination of intuitive products, refined services, and the decision-support tools necessary for efficient, effective and compliant sterile processing operations.
Learn more at or call 800-675-3529.
Serenity software from SurgiDat is a simple to use, very sophisticated web-based electronic Instrument Management Solution, designed to control and manage all aspects of Reprocessed Medical Equipment.

While standards are changing – Serenity (unlike other rip and replace systems) is flexible enough to accommodate all levels of Surgical Instrument Management requirements. At a minimum, every facility should know their "Surgical Tray Level Inventory," and this can be achieved through implementing the SurgiDat online Serenity kit auditing and management tools.

Serenity provides added value to the OR and surgical procedure, through the high visibility of not just the kit type, but the actual Specific Kit as a UID Serialized item e.g. "Major Set-3."

Serenity makes it easy to track surgical instrument trays by barcoding or RFID or even tracking to the individual instrument level to and from patients while enforcing and maintaining accountability and compliance with AAMI and CDC standards.

Serenity users can immediately create reports and track items from patients. Serenity provides standardization and compliance capabilities throughout your department and organization. Real-time views of single departments to multiple facilities are instantly available via an administratively-driven secure user name and password.

Replace your manual log book system or your vendor supplied tracking system today with the complete SurgiDat Serenity capability that will allow you to achieve growth, compliance and accountability as you require, through its flexible module design tools and features.

Serenity implementation is quick and simple, leaving your workflow unchanged. You will experience an immediate increase in production efficiency, accountability and increased patient safety.

Find out more about this complete Maintenance and Workflow solution -Plus see what other devices and custom consumable products we offer to help your department at or contact us at 336-931-1003 or

Don't just track your assets, MANAGE THEM. TGX Medical Systems continues to set the pace for how instrument tracking SHOULD be done. The Sterile Processing environment within a hospital is a departmentalized machine that is responsible for cleaning, assembling, sterilizing, managing, tracking and overseeing millions of dollars in instruments and equipment for the Operating Rooms to be able to effectively and efficiently carry out their life saving tasks. Alex Gold can impact your environment in all of those areas and more through a technologically advanced, industry leading product offering. 
Take control of your loaner tray program.  Tray Check loaner instrumentation tracking is an affordable, stand-alone system that places the responsibility on the vendors to check their own loaner trays in and out of your facility using a simple self-service kiosk.  View crisp high-definition photos of your loaner trays without unwrapping them.  Receive instant email and text message notifications and a custom-printed label for each tray.  Gone are the days of hand-written log books and loaner tray graveyards.  Now you can see what equipment is on site with the click of a button.  Click here for more information on the Tray Check loaner tray management system or call (800) 665-0658.