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oneSOURCE gives your entire facility access to the world's most complete online database service of manufacturers' validated (IFUs). This means you can easily reduce errors in sterile processing – for both surgical instruments and equipment – and improve patient safety by subscribing to oneSOURCE.

Following the FDA regulated manufacturers' validated IFU document is essential for meeting AAMI Standards as well as CMS, Joint Commission & AAAHC accreditation requirements. Subscribing to oneSOURCE makes compliance practical and easy with value-added features like the one-page Tech Ready document that gives you the information you really need without scrolling through hundreds of pages.

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Having access to current, validated manufacturers' Instructions for Use (IFU) documents is essential for facilitating safe and effective reprocessing of medical devices and equipment. If these processes are not carried out in accordance with the procedures outlined in the manufacturer's validated IFU, the items could pose a very real threat to the health and safety of both patients and staff. Typical failures to comply include improper cleaning, improper wrapping or loading in the sterilizer; incorrect reassembly of the device; and use of an incorrect sterilization process...click here to access the oneSOURCE White Paper.