Technician-Ready Docs / Step-by-Step Snapshots


Tech-Ready Docs are specific documents extracted directly from the original IFU document or PM manual. These are documents attached to the original IFU or PM provided by oneSOURCE professionals at no cost to the manufacturer.

The Tech-Ready Doc is a tremendous benefit to SPD technicians and House Cleaning staff, as it gives them immediate access to the information they need without having to sort through hundreds of pages. When instructions are easy to find and easy to follow, healthcare workers are encouraged to follow the manufacturers' instructions precisely. This improves patient safety and reduces risk for facilities and manufacturers.

Our customer feedback shows that the Tech-Ready Doc is an invaluable tool, and possibly the single-most important thing a manufacturer can do to ensure patient safety and mitigate risk. oneSOURCE is here to help you make Tech-Ready Docs a reality for all of your IFUs and PMs. This tool will save your clients time and money, while helping you mitigate risk. Think of it as another win-win from oneSOURCE!