Market Research & Insights


As a oneSOURCE partner, updates to your IFU and PM documents will be instantly communicated to over 1,700 oneSOURCE subscribers who, on average, access 146,000 documents daily. Our interface allows your customer to leave comments and ask questions for the oneSOURCE customer support team. This saves your Customer Service Department hundreds of hours responding to individual tech support calls, but it also gives you access to thousands of customer comments and frequently asked questions.

Through our password protected manufacturers’ Portal, you’ll always be able to see your documents the way your customers see them, and you’ll gain invaluable information about how to improve your IFU or PM document and perhaps even the product itself. Access to this kind of information will also help you mitigate risks, by ensuring that your instructions for cleaning and decontamination are clear and easy to follow.

With oneSOURCE, your sales staff will always have the right document at the right time, even with last minute requests for loaners. oneSOURCE will also partner with your sales team, giving you key insights and valuable sales leads along with access to our database of over 6,000 healthcare professionals. Upon request, you’ll have access to metric reports from Google Analytics and internal data indicating the top IFU or PM documents viewed and more. We can also survey our database for specific information so you can learn more about your customers.

This level of data and insight can really pay off...and currently, it's at no cost to your company. Here's how it works: use our analytics to identify hot topics with your target market. Then, we'll help you promote new features and educational webinars on oneSOURCE to the people who actually use your products!