Document Control


Once you’ve updated your IFU or PM document, your liability has only just begun. Your company is then tasked with providing technical support one customer at a time. But with oneSOURCE, you can push out revisions and updates to IFU or PM documents to thousands of customers simultaneously through the oneSOURCE database.

By partnering with oneSOURCE, you increase productivity of your Customer Service department while improving consistency, control and organization of your IFU or PM documents. Since all of your documents will be online with oneSOURCE, your Customer Service department will no longer be tasked with providing sales reps and loaners with copies. All of that information will be available online with 24/7 access.

Keep in mind that the oneSOURCE system has an error-free track record since its inception in 2006. Our internal quality control processes provide multiple checkpoints to ensure that only the most current, manufacturer-validated documents have been uploaded to the oneSOURCE document site. oneSOURCE is also staffed by healthcare professionals with years of experience in Central Sterilization and the OR. By working together, we can improve patient safety and mitigate risks for healthcare facilities and medical manufacturers.