For Manufacturers


Over 1,400 manufacturers are currently working with oneSOURCE to improve access to IFUs and biomedical equipment PMs, and the number is growing daily. The reason is clear: oneSOURCE provides numerous advantages to manufacturers free-of-charge from mitigating risk to providing customer support and boosting sales. Most importantly, only manufacturer provided documents or extractions from these documents are put in our database.

Since our inception in 2006, we have maintained a system error-free track record for providing accurate, manufacturer-validated IFU documents to a growing client base of over 9,000 users representing multiple departments at each healthcare facility. In 2015, we added Biomedical Equipment PM manuals to our proven system.

Healthcare facilities now ask for oneSOURCE by name for the simple reason that our service is affordable and helps them improve patient safety while reducing costs and staff-hours associated with managing their IFU and PM documents. Today, over 40% of the top IDN/ACO hospitals and 35% of hospitals in the 300+ category subscribe to oneSOURCE, and that number is steadily increasing.

New standards from the Joint Commission, AAAHC and CMS require facilities to demonstrate that healthcare workers have immediate access to manufacturers' IFU and PM documents. The FDA is also recommending that manufacturers collaborate with healthcare facilities to rewrite and improve these documents for ease of use.

By partnering with oneSOURCE, your company can stay ahead of regulatory mandates by making your IFU and PM documents easily accessible to the healthcare professionals who need them. Revising your IFUs and PMs becomes manageable when updates can be sent out to the entire oneSOURCE database of 9000 users with a click of a mouse. oneSOURCE gives you the information you need to improve your IFUs and PMs by collecting comments and requests for clarification from our subscribers. All of these efforts combine improve patient safety and demonstrate that your company is doing everything possible to reduce the risk of health-acquired infections (HAI).

Take a few moments to explore this section of our website where you’ll learn more about how oneSOURCE can benefit your company. Or, call us at 800.701.3560 for a free consultation.