Meet Our Service Team

Janet Maier, ST New Product Specialist / Drop Down Manager

​Janet is a Customer Service Representative involved in new product projects and managing the Drop Down Search Function. With over 20 years of healthcare experience including 14 years as a Certified Surgical Technician, Janet recognizes the challenges and need for accessible sterilizing documentation for patient safety. As a result, she enjoys providing the best service to our clients especially rewarding.

Mary Peaslee Update Team Manager

Mary Peaslee, RN is the Manager of the Document Update Department. Mary has over 18 years of nursing experience that includes working in Long Term and Acute Care settings as Staff Nurse, Director of Nursing and Director of Education in Home Care. Mary Joined the BPP/OneSource Docs team in 2011. Her responsibilities are overseeing the Updating of the Manufacturers reprocessing instructions for surgical instruments and equipment, and assuring that those documents are in the managed electronic database for medical facilities to view. A member of APIC. Mary enjoys reading, playing cards, camping and time she can spend with her family.

Jenna Rompelman Tech Ready Manager

Jenna comes to Best Practice Professionals with years of experience in Public Relations and Marketing. Non-profit agencies, in particular, have benefited from her attention to detail and organizational skills. Combined with a background in medical records and teaching via programs in three countries, she has a natural appreciation for the impact the smallest detail can have on any situation, especially in a fast-paced environment. As a result, the Tech Ready Team is committed to producing succinct, user-friendly Tech Ready documents for our customers based on information provided within manufacturers Instructions For Use (IFUs). Jenna enjoys reading, cooking, actively participating in the community, and traveling anywhere and everywhere.