Technician-Ready Docs / Step-by-Step Snapshots


Biomedical documents can be extremely lengthy. oneSOURCE Tech-Ready Documents provide a time and money saving solution by offering a snapshot of all pertinent cleaning, decontamination, assembly and sterilization parameters contained in the original document. But, that’s not all. Some necessary information may be in many different manuals, including maintenance, operator and service manuals. The Biomed Preventive Maintenance Database puts the information in one location. The Database includes:

  • Parts breakdowns
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repair information
  • Other helpful BMET-centered information

All Tech-Ready Documents can also be viewed in Adobe Document Reader so users can email and search pertinent documents. This feature also allows users to print Tech-Ready Documents so they can be used for training, competencies and standard operating procedures.

Response to the Tech-Ready documents has been overwhelmingly positive from facilities around the globe. It's compliance made easy, and where there is compliance, patient safety improves.