Fast and Easy Document Retrieval


The innovative oneSOURCE interface offers standard search and dropdown search options for easy document retrieval. With Standard search, users can quickly find Biomedical documents by instrument catalogue number, manufacturer or key word description. When the instrument catalog number is not known, our Drop Down Search lets users easily find information simply by choosing a manufacturer from the list provided, selecting a category and a sub category. For added convenience, search option instructions are always available on screen for ready reference.

Other time saving features include “Recently Viewed” and “Favorites List.” These tabs provide a short cut to your facility’s most frequently used items so they’re at your fingertips faster. The “Notes” tab allows managers and technicians to leave special instructions for other staff. Our Searchable Category Box enables you to label Biomedical documents by department, facility, set, procedure or any category that is meaningful to your facility.

Another navigation feature allows you to click on the topic of interest in the Table of Contents of lengthy Biomedical documents. This click takes you directly to the appropriate section. Features like this ensure that your staff is getting the information they need quickly and efficiently, saving time and ensuring better processing efficiency.