Accreditation Standards


When you subscribe to oneSOURCE, every department in your facility has 24/7 access to the information they need to comply with CMS, Joint Commission, AAAHC and AAMI accreditation standards. Accreditation brings many advantages that influence your facility’s bottom line.

Accreditation tells patients that your facility is doing everything it can to provide a safe environment. In a competitive market place, this is an important sales tool. Accreditation also tells insurance companies that you are doing your part to mitigate risk. This has the potential to reduce insurance premiums, and can improve negotiations with 3rd party payors. Accreditation also makes it easier to secure the capital equipment dollars you need for instrument upgrades and other patient safety enhancements.

Your subscription to oneSOURCE makes compliance with accreditation standards easy by eliminating the expense of maintaining and updating IFU documents, and by making these documents easily accessible to every department within your facility. Think of oneSOURCE as an online electronic binder that everyone in your facility can access with a click of a mouse.

CMS and the Joint Commission Revised Requirements for Accreditation Effective July 2014, CMS and the Joint Commission revised their requirements for accreditation stating that equipment must be maintained according to manufacturers' recommended guidelines. These manufacturers' guidelines may be found on oneSOURCE. If we do not have a document or manual that your facility needs, our team will add the requested item to our Equipment database, at no extra charge.

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